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“We are confident that we can bring about Positive Changes and Improvements in the lives of people in many areas through Numerology (Western & Chinese Numerology). Our Predictions and Advices are not based on any guesswork, religious influences or superstition. Numerology, Bazi and Fengshui concepts are based on mathematical systems and can be used to help many individuals in making the Right Decisions, all the times.”

numerology master marrco lee

“All of us want to be a Winner in life. Be it in our relationships with our parents, spouse, children, superiors, subordinates, colleagues and friends; family harmony, health, career and all wealth creation endeavours.

You may like to ask "How To"?

Understanding yourself and others; plus the Ability to Communicate Well and Effectively with people that matter to us, will surely lead to many Positive and Happy Outcomes.

There is a way to do this effectively.

You have got to Leverage on the Knowledge of Numbers SKILLSETS (Western & Chinese Numerology) and their Intrinsic Values to TRANSFORM your Endeavours into Winning Outcomes!”

Marrco Lee,


numerology master marrco lee
numerology master marrco lee







Marrco Lee,


numerology master marrco lee
  • Increasing Productivity at work, Revenues and Profits for your enterprises.

  • Recruiting the Best available candidates in the different industries based on Compatibility methodologies. Being Compatible means good possibilities for fulfilment and commercial success. Otherwise, it can be costly and time-wasting outcomes.

  • Collaborating with the Best possible teammates and Business Partners.

  • Doing the Right actions at the Right timings for our desired Favourable outcomes based on Forecasting methodologies.

  • Optimizing time with clients who may have "Golden Numbers", so that these clients can refer their friends, whom also have "Golden Numbers", just like your referrers.


Using WinnersResources Complete Numerology (Western & Chinese Numerology) Skillsets To Create Favourable Commercial Outcomes!



Using WinnersResources Complete Numerology (Western & Chinese Numerology) Skillsets For Reliable Romantic Compatibility Pairings!

Romantic Compatibility pairings are made up of a multitude of factors in different forms.

When both parties are compatible, the relationship is likely to be a happy and rewarding one. When it is not, the relationship is likely to be turbulent and emotional.

Perhaps you are already in or are seriously thinking about committing into a serious relationship and yet you may be thinking if both of you are really compatible…

Do we couples grow into being compatible, or do we have a better chance at lasting love by choosing a compatible partner initially? Which is you?

Our Numerology Skillsets can address these issues decisively and rewardingly.


Our Specialities

We provide various metaphysics consultancy services to individuals.  In addition to meeting our clients in person, we also provide our expert guidance online if our clients prefer privacy or are located outside Singapore.

Western Numerology

(Pythagoras/ Chaldean)
毕达哥拉斯/ 迦勒底命理学

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Chinese Numerology


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Let’s hear what our Clients have to say…

I had an eye-opening session with Marrco, as he used Eastern and Western wisdom to decode my life path and gives me clues about how to shortcut the process of attaining happiness and success. He uses many tools such as face and palm readings, Pythagoras theorem and Bazi, to give a reading.. which is novel and comprehensive. Not many teachers can be said to be well-versed of so many different wisdoms at a go.

My main takeaway was in providing clues of career and relationships. I found areas where I can capitalize on things that will take my career to the next level and also blind spots and things to notice.. which may spare me heartache and failure down the road. In terms of relationships, Marrco not only tells me the readings, he goes to the extend of teaching me how to calculate and learn the technique so that I can use for my future references. This will allow me to check the compatibility of new hires, or suitors as a form of “insurance/ protection” before starting a relationship.

He is a teacher that is careful with his words, and does not offend. At the same time, he is also honest, in that he tells you what he sees and knows. This is the mark of a teacher that has ethics and works for the good of the person seeking answers, which is important when it comes to choosing who to go to.

I recommend opening your mind and going to meet Marrco so he can give you practical and individual advice on ways you can take the shortcuts in your life to achieve what every winner has – happiness and success. Perhaps, ancient wisdom can help you have an easier life in this modern world…


My first consultation with Master (Marrco Lee) started way back in 2014.

He is friendly and approachable, and with a kind heart who always render his help to others in need.

Firstly, he will relate some past incidents that had happened and based on his reading which is 99% accurate, he had given me insights, guidance and direction into the right path and areas which I have to take precaution by leveraging on individual’s strength and weakness.

Since then, I have consulted Master (Marrco Lee) every year and have recommended my friends to consult Master (Marrco Lee) and witnessed their improvements in their career, personal and family life.

You will make the right choice today by consulting Master (Marrco Lee).


Marrco is a very nice and friendly person. His reading is really accurate. He also gives good advices if your reading turns out to be a little unfavourable.

Marrco himself is a very kind heart person, during the consult he would suggest some advices for your personal self improvement.

I am quite surprised by his reading. It is really accurate. 99% accurate at least.

I would recommend my friends to visit him too.

Wei Yun

I was impressed by the accuracy of Marco’s findings on me just based on my handphone number. There wasn’t much information given to him initially but he was able to pinpoint the kinds of actions i will take in certain situations. 

It was easy to ask him questions I want to know about and there were no situations I found awkward and not talk about. 

I would encourage starters who are shy and new to this to come for their session with Marrco 🙂


I came to know about Marrco through a friend of mine. It did take me a long while before I decided to see Marrco for my readings. I'm careful and cautious about investing time and money into such readings. After meeting up with Marrco, I realised my time and money were well spent.

Marrco has a very approachable nature. I felt that he could relate what I think and feel without any reservations. He shows very good understanding and great respect to your thoughts and emotions. 

He easily relates to your concerns and questions. He was very jovial and put across the readings in a very simple way so that I could understand them easily. 

His readings were accurate. His talents on working with various metaphysics arts to derive those readings, amazed me. He does not just merely gab about how to overcome my current situations but more of a holistic solution that would be a lifetime of help. 

I'm very happy to have met Marrco and received insights about myself and my life. I wish him all the best ahead. I would definitely recommend him.


It’s really amazing how numbers tell a lot about a person’s personality. The session is a 2-way and please do come along to the session with your questions prepared. You will find the session really fruitful.

I have also gained some useful inter-personal tips/ skills during and after the session that I can use in my daily life.

You never know until you experience the session yourself.

Chee Meng

I always look up to Marrco for advice be it work or personal; whenever i am lost and need help and directions.

He is Always objective and offers GOOD advice to help me be aware of my surroundings and possible pitfalls ahead and how Best to alleviate the unforeseen roadblocks ahead, given my 'shortcomings'.

I am really thankful to know Marrco. He is a very kind, humane and understanding person. 

I would encourage individuals to see him and you will know for yourself.


Marrco is a friendly and helpful person who read my numerology and gave me many insights about my personality.

I was really surprised he managed to point out a core problem that I kept in my heart that no one knows about. His reading is very accurate for me and he encouraged me to improve my life in so many ways. He also allowed me to ask him as many questions as I want.

I am thankful for that experience and his reading is 99% accuracy.

I would recommend anyone who wants to have a numerology reading from him.


I learned about WinnersResources through an acquaintance and subsequently I went on to explore their Facebook page and made my consult booking. It was very interesting to learn about the possible life events associated with our birth numbers as well as the correlation with our mobile numbers.

Having met up with Marrco, I feel that he is sincere and deeply cares for his clients. Coupled with his expertise, he immediately highlighted the alarming issues surrounding us and provided advice to help me. I am very grateful to consult Marrco and the session was extremely fruitful for me. Thank you so much Marrco!!!


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