You may have friends who have trouble dealing with their kids; kids who are doing rather poorly in academics, kids who may have emotional or behavioural disorders, teens who may be mixing with the wrong friends, teens who are hooked onto cyber entertainments etc.. and the list goes on.

Our children especially those between 10 and 18 years of age are faced with real life concerns on a regular basis as this is the most delicate growth stage of their lives. They all are experiencing hormone fluctuations, social and academic pressures to do well in life.

All parents must be vigilant to detect the unusual signs of heightened anxieties and stress which their children may be exhibiting. These signs can be of changing sleeping patterns, eating disorder, unexplained self-isolation and progressively poor academic results.

*Please seek professional advice if you happen to have these experiences with your children.

For the purpose of this article, I would like to offer a metaphysical solution in the form of Chinese Numerology to address and improve the ‘situation’ which your children might be facing. All you need to do is to paste number stickers (Auspicious Chinese Numbers Structures) on the backside/ underside of a bedroom door of which your children are sleeping in (bedroom).

These Chinese Numbers Structures are based on the concept of 5 elements interacting harmoniously with each other.

The Chinese Metaphysics Masters leverage on this philosophical principle of 水木火土 to solve many Fengshui and individuals’ issues in life. Fortunately, the concept of 水木火土 has already been ‘coded’ in the form of numerical digits to represent the different bodies of energies that would either ‘promote’ auspicious ‘Qi’ flow or ‘propagate’ negative disruptive ‘Qi’ upon any forms of interactions.

As it is rather complex to explain in full the mysterious yet effective workings of the numbers’ interactions here, I would just proceed instead to suggest the various Auspicious Chinese Numerology Structures to address the following 5 common situations favourably:

  • If your children are rather inattentive at home with their school works or that this is the year of a major examination and you would like them to do well, I would suggest these numbers structures for potentially achieving good grades;
    7678 or 67622 or 9391
  • If you think that your children may be mixing with the wrong friends, I would suggest these numbers structures to promote good judgement and prudence;
    4878 or 8453 or 2159
  • If you feel that your children are knowingly or unknowingly disrespectful to you, I would suggest these numbers structures to enhance better relationship vibes;
    8652 or 6878 or 9491
  • If you feel that your teenage children have poor self-esteem, I would suggest these numbers structures to motivate and foster positive thinking;
    4787 or 6191 or 291
  • If you feel that your teenage children are prone to substance abuse or ‘risky behaviours’, I would suggest these numbers structures to bring about proper sense of self-worth and sensibility;
    7919 or 9787 or 1857

You may know by now that Auspicious Chinese Numerology solutions on our mobile numbers can also greatly enhance our potentials in life. Especially if it is ‘tailor-made’ specifically to address the identified shortcomings of an individual.

It too can be leveraged on to address issues with our children and all other human concerns promisingly.

Many of my clients have tried this method/ solution and their children is now doing fine in school, happier, more sensible and more diligent.

June 2021

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Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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