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From Ordinary to Winning
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Hi, I Am Marrco Lee

“We are confident that we can bring about Positive Changes and Improvements in the lives of people in many areas through Numerology (Western & Chinese Numerology). Our Predictions and Advices are not based on any guesswork, religious influences or superstition. Numerology, Bazi and Fengshui concepts are based on mathematical systems and can be used to help many individuals in making the Right Decisions, all the times. Knowledge in the form of Numbers (Western & Chinese Numerology) can help us to prepare more than adequately. We have to tell ourselves that we want to Take Control of this process of personal progress so as to bring about Lasting Positive Changes to our lives. By leveraging on tested Metaphysics Knowledge and Numbers, we have a proven methodology to create real progress in the many aspects of our lives.”

Marrco Lee

WinnersResources Master Marrco Lee

What Can We Achieve With Numerology (Western & Chinese Numerology)?

WinnersResources claims that positive life-changing developments can happen to individuals through effective applications of Numerology. Founder and Master Trainer Marrco Lee is of the opinion that WinnersResources which also deals with Numerology consultancy and coaching can help individuals enjoy a better and more successful life if they adhere to the concepts and principles of effective Numerology. It is possible for people to raise their living standards by using the knowledge and application of this empowering Numerology skillsets. The intrinsic values of effective Numerology can be used to transform the endeavors of individuals into winning outcomes.

Uniquely WinnersResources

Master Marrco Lee added that all he needs is five minutes to prove their credentials and credibility effectively and accurately. He also pointed out that WinnersResources is unique because it encompasses the well-known Western Pythagoras method (together with our created Unique Selling Preposition 3+1 Technique), the comparatively less well-known ancient wisdom Chaldean Numbers system, powerful Chinese Numerology based on later heaven principles and as well as the proven classical Chinese Bazi system.


Master Marrco Lee is a certified Western & Chinese Numerologist and has earned numerous certificates from various teachers internationally in the subjects over the year (besides his twenty over years wealth of knowledge, research and his vast amount of field experience as a Bazi, Fengshui, Qi Meng Dun Jia and Face Reading Practitioner). His various metaphysics expertises can be used for finding solutions proactively to potential problems in various aspects of life such as health, career, wealth and relationships. And one of them is Numerology, which can be used to rediscover one’s true inner self and uncover one’s multi-millions hidden talents. While the Western Numerology is the most popular Numerology system used by enthusiasts and experts in the West, Chinese Numerology is an entirely different and wildly popular system in the Chinese countries. It is about the auspicious or inauspicious energies vibration of numbers surrounding us. A combined application of both Numerology can help to shorten and smoothen our path to success.

WinnersResources offers one to one personal consultation for clients and coaching of various metaphysics skillsets to interested and qualified individuals. Our clients include financial consultants, real estate consultants, entrepreneurs, professionals and many from all walks of life. The skillsets have been utilized by many to successfully close many deals and improve relationships with people that matter to them. In addition, it also offers an effective way of resolving potential conflicts.

Those who are interested in learning our various metaphysics skillsets can enrol for these courses that are conducted at regular intervals by Master Trainer Marrco Lee.

OUR Vision

The leading provider of effective Winning Skillsets for all her students in all regions.

OUR Mission

Our mission at WinnersResources is to provide you with the knowledge to first REDISCOVER your unique strengths and the applications of metaphysics skillsets to TRANSFORM your endeavours into WINNING outcomes.

Our tagline, ‘From Ordinary to Winning’, reflects the transformation in individuals to help them make real progress in their lives.

Master Marrco Lee named it WinnersResources as he wants to empower individuals to leverage on these metaphysics skillsets to Becoming a Winner in all aspects of life!

OUR Methodology

The study of Primary Identities, Strengths and Weaknesses based on mathematical calculations derived from the well-known laws of Western Pythagoras method (together with our created Unique Selling Preposition 3+1 Technique), the ancient wisdom passed down from Chaldean Number systems, powerful Chinese Numerology based on later heaven principles as well as the proven classical Chinese Bazi system.

Discover how each number/ pairs of numbers from 1-9(Western Numerology) & 0-9(Chinese Numerology) affects a person’s life and career path.

Discover how you can Maximize Results from your Wealth Creation endeavours by leveraging on your own Personal Unique Numbers/ Pairings.

Discover what is ‘Golden Numbers’ (Western Numerology)/ Auspicious Energies Vibrations (Chinese Numerology).

Discover the valuable methodology that will enhance Better Relationships with people that matters to you.

Learn what is Business partnership/ Romance Compatibility method for Commercial Success or a Reliable Romantic Compatibility pairings.

Learn how to apply our 3+1 Technique to connect/ engage effectively with any cold prospects and win them over in less than 5minutes. To create a good relationship to begin with. Transforming them to meaningful networks for life.

Learn how to assist your client to understand what is their Strongest ‘Operating System’ ie, visualizer, listener, sensitivities and communications - and what that means for them and you.

Learn how to know WHO to Employ for the Right Positions and the Right Functions.

Learn how to choose your Best Career choices.

Learn how to Maximize your greatest strengths and Minimize doing things you are not good in.

Learn how to deploy Forecasting Techniques to capitalize on upcoming opportunities and avoid potential missteps.

Pinpoint the Causes of Recurring Issues and Problems and how to address them decisively.

And the list goes on…

Revealing the Remedies to enhance your path forward as a Winner in all aspects of life!

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