Many friends and customers have often queried if a decisive change to their Mobile Numbers would alter their future for the better; better relationships with spouses and superiors, better money luck, improvement in health status, meeting the right peach blossom partners for singles, career advancements, etc..

I have decided to offer some insights to address all these pressing concerns.

The basis of all new lucky Mobile Numbers selection is based on the SCIENCE of Chinese 易经(I Ching) which has been passed down for many generations in different forms and structures. This particular Chinese Numerology skillset is famed for its ability to ‘analyse and diagnosed’ an individual’s personal luck aspects in the fastest possible time frame.

As a matter of fact, it works just like the other skillsets like 八字、看像、摸骨、风水. And all of these skillsets are based on the foundations and principles of I Ching for its consistencies; a.k.a. 规律性.

Or simply put, the fundamentals of this Chinese Numerology skillset are based on the same principles for 风水 and 八字.

Our current Mobile Numbers are a direct reflection of our current luck status.

For example, if the last 2 digits of your Mobile Numbers are 69/96, 37/73, 48/84 or 12/21, you are likely to be spending money more than saving it. Potentially unable to have good wealth preservation habits.

Please note, I am just referring to the last 2 digits. If there is more than a pair of these similar numbers inside your mobile, like 96XX XX96, 96XX Xx1212, 9XXX 1212, 9XXX 9696, 8XXX 2121, 8XXX 6969, you are very likely to have relationship issues as well.

By leveraging on this classy Chinese Numerology knowledge, we will first identify the unfavourable pairings of numbers and proceed to provide the anecdote in the form of Auspicious pairings, from the same body of knowledge.

Yes, it is correct to say that the unfavourable vibes would persist for as long as you are using the same Inauspicious Mobile Numbers.

What do you think would happen when you change your Mobile Numbers with Auspicious pairings representing both good relationship and money luck based on the fundamentals of I Ching?

If one is not responsive to the possible benefits of Chinese Numerology based on I Ching, they may have these potential opportunity costs in life:

• Wasted passages of time, walking around in ‘circles’
• Delayed successes due to persistent ‘unfavourable pairing vibes’
• Working very hard yet far from attaining desired personal achievements
• Setbacks in career, overshadowed by peers and competitors
• Can create wealth but cannot preserve and hold on to wealth made
• Broken relationships and aimless in life
• Unforeseen unwanted 3rd parties in life; 偏桃花、三角关系

By decisively wanting to change to a lucky mobile number in order to engineer a more favourable future for ourselves, we would also need to change, reinforce and strengthen our mind-sets whilst continuing to work hard and smart on our goals.

Why wait when the Science of I Ching can help to engineer various favourable outcomes for you?

Marrco Lee
WinnersResources (Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui)

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Chinese Metaphysics Trainer
Real Estate Advisor. CEA Reg. Number R011446H

Website: www.13homes.com
Website: www.winnersresources.com
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