Fan Bingbing is one of China’s highly paid and influential actresses and singers. Her first breakthrough to fame was in starring for the television serial ‘My Fair Princess’ in the year 1999, produced in Taiwan. The serial received positive reviews and Fan started drawing invaluable attention in the Chinese Media. Looking back, that was her first shot at regional stardom.

The year 1999 was Fan’s Personal YearQi (PYQ) number 8. A PYQ number 8 Year may represents potential rise in status and creating even more wealth for some profiles. But not all. Fan’s Numerology chart is almost similar to that of Angelina Jolie in that both have the coveted ‘Golden numbers’ cluster 966 near the bottom half of the chart. Anyone who is born with this cluster of 966 is primed to enjoy successes and achievements in their lifetime.

Fan was also experiencing the positive effects of her Personal Year Qi number 8 in 2017. Last year, she won 3 Best Actress awards in the 11th Asian Film Awards, 8th China Film Director’s Guild Awards and the 31st Golden Rooster Awards respectively. In addition, Fan was listed on Time 100 list of Most Influential People of 2017.

Why is the number 8 such a lucky number for Fan? (Clue: Fan’s Primary Identity Number<PIN> ?)

And why is the same number 8 a terrible digit for some others?

In the study of Numerology, the number 8 is often known as the “Child of Fate” number. What it simply means is that if the number 8 in a profile’s Numerology chart is a negative asset, whenever one goes through a number 8 period(s), one is likely to experience much ‘upheavals’ in his/ her life. As a guide, if there are more than four 8s in a profile’s Numerology chart, the number 8 can be a potential ‘issue’ in one’s journey in life. These ‘upheavals’ can be in the form of unfriendly life events like relationship breakdowns, money issues and even health issues. However, if the number 8 is not an issue in your chart, you are also likely to experience optimistic developments like, promotions, investment and monetary gains, and even fame, like Fan.

From the BAZI (八字) perspective, Fan’s point of reference is the “日元 Daymaster” which is represented by the element 丁(Ding) Yin Fire. In this chart, the “日元 Daymaster” 丁 is termed as “follower/从”, hence the need to enhance/ reinforce the strength of the “日元 Daymaster” 丁 with earth, metal and water elements.

Notice that the timing of the chart is around midnight. 丁天干 in the 八字 vocabulary is known to represent ‘man-made fire’ like candle lights, streets lightings, all forms of artificial lightings, etc. It is different from 丙天干 as it is Yang in nature. Sun lights is the best example for 丙天干. Would you agree with me that Fan is a very attractive lady? This can be explained with 八字 as in she is represented by the丁 Yin fire born at midnight, which makes it more obvious and noticeable as compared with any other birth timings in the day.
Fan’s first breakthrough came when she portrayed Jinsuo in ‘My Fair Princess’ (1999) (己卯年). Favourable 天干己 is revealed in year 1999; 己 is known as Yin Earth element; Eating God.
And the rest is history. Fast forward to today. The丁日元 Daymaster is inside 2018 戊戌年. In the world of 八字十神, 戊戌 is also known to be the notorious 伤官 “Hurting Officer”, in literal translation to mandarin. Notorious as in the potential capacity to ‘offend’ people of authority; officers by way of deeds, actions and speech. This is true if, the earth element in FBB’s chart is unfavourable.
Let me explain. 八字十神 is derived from one of the 5 elemental interactions. 伤官/食神 ‘stars’ are deemed as ‘outputs’ from each of the 5 elements. For instance, water will produce wood (output); metal will produce water (output); wood will produce fire (output); earth will ‘produce’ metal (output) and fire will produce earth (output).
All of us will encounter the ‘伤官/食神 output stars’ every 10 years. The application aspects lies in the theory that a ‘weak 八字 chart’ would not want to ‘produce outputs’ because it is already weak. Instead, a ‘weak’ chart should be reinforced/ strengthen with 正印/ 偏印‘resources’ and/ or 比肩/ 劫财 ‘friends’. A key underlying principle in 八字 studies and applications is in the concept of balance. Therefore a ‘weak’ chart would likely to experience ‘stress and anxiety’ in the output years whilst a ‘strong’ chart would experience ‘good wealth creation opportunities and developments’.
Back to Fan’s 八字 chart.

Even though the earth element is ‘missing’ in the 8 characters, earth is considered as a favourable element in the chart. 丁日元 Daymaster meeting 戊戌 in 2018. Because earth 戊戌 is favourable to Fan, she is unlikely to experience adverse outcomes from any negative publicity she may be receiving this year.

The presence of the 伤官 is keenly felt not just for Fan. If you are a 丁日元 Daymaster, you are also likely to feel the positive and/ or negative effects of this “Hurting Officer” now.

(Clue: If you have an officer star (represented by the water element) in your career palace, you are likely to witness some ‘movements’/ unease/ discomfort in your career in 2018)

The art of Numerology and 八字is to assist us in our daily endeavours to create progress in all aspects of our life. If you can know in advance potential positive events that can be manifested down the road, would you be resting on your laurels or is going all the way out to reap the fruits? How would you decide?

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