FengShui – Identifying ‘Missing areas’ in your house and its implications


FengShui – Identifying ‘Missing areas’ in your house and its implications

Here is a quick question for you:

Do you know how to tell if a property unit has good or inferior Fengshui? Don’t fret if you aren’t sure because I am going to share with you a Fengshui methodology without even using the Fengshui compass (Luo Pan 罗盘).

Try to get a copy of the unit’s floor plan. This floor plan is essentially a ‘helicopter’ view especially on the parameters of this unit. (Refer to the sample floor plans diagrams).

From the Fengshui perspective, we discourage potential new property owners from units with ‘missing areas’ on the floor plans because it has potentially adverse impacts on the occupants of the unit.

So how do we identify ‘missing areas’?

As long as the ‘missing area’ is about the size of at least 1/9 of the entire floor plan, the unit is ‘inferior’ to one that has No ‘missing area(s)’.

Let me explain.
There are 8 KEY directions within a property unit and each would represent a member of the family.

In addition, these 8 Key directions would also represent ‘areas’ of the human body.

In terms of members of a family, these are the following representations:
• North West​: Father
• South West ​: Mother
• East​​: Eldest Son
• South East​: Eldest Daughter
• North​​: Middle Son
• South​​: Middle Daughter
• North East​: Youngest Son
• West​​: Youngest Daughter

Let’s say the North West area of the unit is ‘missing’. From the fengshui perspective, the Man of the house is often ‘not at home’ or would be ‘experiencing’ some form of problems like financial issues, etc.

As the North West area is also representing mental health, some occupants in the household would be experiencing some form of mental trauma or issues.

In terms of medical symbolism, these are the following representations:
• North West​: Mental Health, Head
• South West ​: Stomach
• East​​: Limbs
• South East​: Limbs
• North​​: Ears, Kidneys, Bladder
• South​​: Eyes, Heart
• North East​: Hands and fingers
• West​​: Mouth, speech

‘Missing areas’ in a property are never encouraged when you are shopping for a new residential unit. The potential downside is the ‘cost’ of a family member experiencing certain ordeals beyond their control/ management.

How could you measure the directions? Simple. Leverage on the digital compass in your smart phone, and stand at the Centre of the property. If you feel that a certain area is missing on the floor plan, point your smart phone at this ‘missing area’ direction(whilst you are on location). Reconfirm with the floor plan.

Do note that ‘missing area’ is about the size of at least 1/9 of the entire floor plan; not less than 1/9.
Establishing ‘missing areas’ is one of the many key fengshui audit processes. Properties with ‘missing areas’ are likely to be odd shape in general.

It is not ‘auspicious’ to stay in one as the distribution of “qi” flow is disrupted. Instead, look for a square shape unit for good luck and prosperity.

Marrco Lee
WinnersResources (Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui)

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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