How do you perceive the meaning of being a Winner in life? Is it something related to an unexpected windfall, a lucky draw prize winner or winning a recent sports event?

Winners in life are not only referring to the above scenarios but also encompasses the many different aspects in our life. It could be referring to achieving harmonious relationships with our love ones, our working relationships with your bosses/ colleagues, and with our customers. We can also be Winners in achieving good health. Winners in academics. Winners in our respective career paths and Winners in our many wealth creation endeavours etc.

“Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them”
“Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit”
“If you want to be a Winner, hang around with Winners”
“If you don’t see yourself as a Winner, then you cannot perform as a Winner”

I have seen some notable Winners’ quotes like the above on the internet. Interesting and inspiring.

If you are thinking about improving your relationships with the people you deem important, or is wondering on what is your winning path to a successful career, good health and other important life aspects, where can you find help?

One of the methodologies is to leverage on the Science of Numbers. Leveraging on a knowledge base on time-tested concepts and applications of Numerology brought on by Pythagoras, the renowned Greek Philosopher and Mathematician in ancient times. In a nutshell, our main strengths and weaknesses are essentially embedded and defined by our respective birthdays. The way we talk and behave, our main characters and personalities can all be deciphered from our date of birth.

Let me use an example:
Suppose if I would want to develop good working relationship with my clients, I would need to meet and exceed expectations from my clients. By just knowing their birthdays, I would immediately deduce their personal profiles as in preferred communication styles, likes and dislikes, etc.

With these information derived from Pythagoras Numerology, I would be able to devise a value add communication approach and cater to my clients’ needs accordingly.
I would be building a Winning relationship between myself and my clients by leveraging on the knowledge of Pythagoras Numerology.
• Would you want Winning relationships with the important people in your life?
• Would you want to know what are your best career paths?
• Would you want to know earlier on potential health issues?
• Would you want to know if you are compatible with your partners?
• Would you want to know when is the best possible time to make an investment?
etc etc

We can train ourselves to be Winners in many aspects of our life. To do so, one may need to leverage on certain skillsets, methodologies and seeking capable mentors.

Why not leverage on the Science of Pythagoras Numerology to be a Winner in our many aspects of life?

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Marrco Lee
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Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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