[Case 1]
*Losing money in big investments but gaining some, in less risky activities.*

The final few numbers of a lady’s mobile phone are 8xx1 3722. She asked me, “Master, tell me whatever you can see, it doesn’t matter.” I said she has probably lost some money in investments; however she has also made some through less risky activities.

She admitted that she lost more than S$300,000 in stocks and shares recently. All the money was lost. However, the lady usually plays mahjong and makes some decent amount of money at the table.

I explained that the mobile numbers 13722 has the effect of losing big amount of money yet it also has the ability to make decent money through less risky activities. As long as the stake is big, the mobile number holder would lose. As long as the stake is small, she would win most of the time.

137 is a situation when money is lost because of high risk investment activities, but 3722 is the opposite. This is a favourable combination for wealth created through calculated risk taking activities.

[Case 2]
*Poor health and cardiac problems.*

A friend showed me his mother’s mobile phone number, the last 6 numbers were 9×60 3244, and he told me as a matter of fact his mother passed away a few weeks ago.

I asked how long did his mother used this mobile numbers. He said a long time, about 10 years. I remarked that the cause of death would have been heart related issues. He said yes, his mum passed on because of heart disease. I went on to add that his mother should have had a heart attack before and he agreed.

603 is possibly a sign of hidden cardiac issues and the fact that it appears earlier in the combinations explained why the heart issues were already present when she was younger. 603 and 244 were the reasons for heart issues, and it was ‘driving’ the mobile numbers. Unfortunately, if these combinations also appeared in her identity card, it is a sign of matching and realizing the full potential of inauspiciousness.

[Case 3]
*Delivery service of certain food establishment.*

A student of mine showed me the mobile number of a food restaurant order and delivery service and asked me to comment. The mobile numbers combination at the back is 9xx3 0727. He commented that this particular food establishment seemed to be doing well during the covid-19 pandemic.

I agreed that this food establishment is profitable but I also mentioned that I would hesitate to be a customer. He was naturally curious. I explained that 30727 maybe a sign of inferior character or someone who may be taking shortcuts to make money. Some would term it as 小聪明. There is just the likelihood that the delivery you eventually received is worth less than what it should have been.

It is necessary to pay special attention to this kind of person. This kind of person is a little clever, but you are not easy to find out about his little cleverness. Anyone with this combination should be cautious. Because he sells fast food, he will do some work on the dishes. Speaking of which, he gave me private feedback that there is indeed such a thing!

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