Inauspicious Mobile Number Case Studies II

[Case 4]
*From having all and losing all.*

One of my friend’s parent has these last 4 numbers in the mobile 9xxx 7130, a mum in her early 50s. I remarked that her mum is eloquent in communication. If she is still working, she is likely to be an outstanding sales person. However, it is not suitable for relationship and that there is a high probability of separation and big losses in money matters.

She remarked that mum was divorced when she was in her forties and one of the reasons of separation was constant quarrels with her dad. Her mum has also lost a sum of money to some online scams a few years ago.

We will never encourage a mobile number to ends with zero. In fact zeros are never auspicious in any combinations.

7130 is basically a situation whereby both relationship and money ends up with nothing. 一无所有.

[Case 5]
*Numbers can motivate us to be overly self-confident and egoistic.*

A friend with a mobile number ending in 9xxx, 7178 came to me sometime in 2019. He is in the real estate industry for some years already. When I first get to know him, he gave me the impression of someone who is capable and recognised in the real estate business.

However, he also gave people the feeling that he is quite a headstrong personality and does not listen to advices easily. He knows I am advising people on auspicious mobile phone numbers and was sceptical about the skillset.

He did not believed me when I said these 7178 combinations are a sign of inability to deal with petty people (大小人) in his work and he would progressively be mentally stressed out.

Sometime early this year, he called me and remarked that he has lost some investment monies to some parties whom he thought can be trusted.

The problem lies in the 717 vibes which are overly strong to be handled by the 78. Perhaps many of you would be familiar with 78 or 87. All the good things about 87/78 are still unusable if the complete mobile combinations is inauspicious.

[Case 6]

*Mobile numbers with lawsuits potential.*

How to know if a mobile number combinations has potential lawsuits?

And how can we find out if the outcome(s) is favourable or not so?

Let’s take xx69 9149 as an example. This business friend of mine happened to have 2 sets of mobile phones.

One of which is the number combinations I just mentioned. He has been initiating lawsuits against some parties who were defaming his company.

One of the primary vibes in 699149 represents initiating legal proceedings, and that the plaintiff is determined to carry out the action despite knowing that he would lose some money as a result.

699 is the representation of lawsuits. 91 is the firm intention to carry out the action. And 149 refers to the unwavering characteristic of spending money without hesitation or consideration.

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