Is your marriage fated to fail? Let’s see Bill & Melinda Gates’ compatibility chart.


By now, you may have already heard the news of Bill and Melinda Gates’ announcement of divorce. 27 years of marriage is over for one of the wealthiest couples on planet earth. Although the financial implications with Bill Gates are not immediately clear, it is believed that Melinda would get a sizable amount of his immense wealth due to the divorce.

Seriously, failed marriages are likely to cost a fortune to most well-to-do people. And all failed marriages are likely to be emotionally traumatic to concerned parties across the globe.

Why do so many marriages break down?

The chief explanation is that both parties are largely incompatible with each other despite the initial attraction.

The purpose of this article is to leverage on the Science of Numbers to effectively gauge the Romantic Compatibility of a couple, with at least 80% accuracy.

Let’s look at Bill and Melinda Gates’ compatibility chart:

Clusters of 7s and 6s, in particular pairings of 777

A romantic compatibility chart between a couple is produced from the addition of both parties’ Gregorian date of births.

    • Bill’s DOB: 28 Oct 1955
      -> 2+8(1), Oct(1), 1+9(1), 5+5(1)
    • Melinda’s DOB: 15 Aug 1964
      -> 1+5(6), Aug(8), 1+9(1), 6+4(1)

Bill + Melinda -> 1111 + 6811 -> 7 9 2 2 (the 1st row of the combined numerology chart)

A couple’s relationship is likely to experience much unhappy and emotional heartaches when the combined numerology chart revealed clusters of 7s and 6s. It can also be other numbers too.

But clusters of the number 7 is the most dreaded as it implies the strongest potential of separations and divorces.

Clusters means the groupings of similar number close together especially on the the ‘left hand’ side of the chart. And clusters are often an interpretation of “bad news” for a couple.

Unfortunately, the combined numerology chart of Bill and Melinda Gates has that dreaded clusters of 7s and 6s.

Let’s take a look Jeff Bezos(founder of Amazon) and Mackenzie Scott compatibility chart. (Jeff and Mackenzie were divorced in 2019, after 26 years of marriage)

Cluster of 7s, in particular pairing of Crown 7 and PIN 7

      • Jeff’s DOB: 12 Jan 1964
        -> 1+2(3), Jan(1), 1+9(1), 6+4(1)
      • Mackenzie’s DOB: 7 Apr 1970
        -> 7th(7), Apr(4), 1+9(1), 7+0(7)

Jeff + Mackenzie -> 3111 + 7417 -> 1 5 2 8 (the 1st row of the combined numerology chart)

There are striking similarities between both couples’ combined numerology charts. The cluster of the number 7 is not as obvious as Bill and Melinda’s combined chart but it is ‘linking’ up from the top to the bottom of the chart in this case.

In short, we really do not like to see a Crown 7 and a PIN 7 in any individual or combined charts as it is very much a certainty that a pairing of 77 is a strong indication of divorces.

Some marriages will be blissful and would last forever. Sadly some are not. Some may say that divorces are fated. Some may argue that divorces are karmic interferences in our lives. Some may even avoid marriages to forestall divorces.

The goal of my Numerology Skillsets is also to enable more singles and married couples to lead  blissful and eventful lives together. Surely, Effective Numerology Skillsets can help many singles to find their most romantically compatible partners in this lifetime. Surely, it can also help many genuine married couples to identify their common weaknesses and strengths to improve and fortify their relationships together.

Perhaps, Effective Numerology Skillsets* can help you to manage and lead a happier relationship life.

*Effective Numerology Skillsets have been in existence and practiced since many thousands of years ago.

May 2021

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