Is your mobile numbers Auspicious… if there is a 31/13 pair(s) in it?


Is your mobile numbers Auspicious… if there is a 31/13 pair(s) in it?

When we mentioned the number 13, some of us would think of it as an ‘unlucky’ number and would not want to be associated with it. Remember the movie ‘Friday, the 13th’? This movie franchise is well known internationally because it is associated with thrills of bloodshed and mayhem…

Is there any information that would explain more on this perceived ‘unlucky’ number 13?

I browse over the internet and found the following information:
• A witch’s coven is made up exactly of 13 members
• A name with 13 letters; like Adolfus Hitler, Jack the Ripper, Albert De Salvo
• Apollo 13 is the only unsuccessful moon mission
• Theatres in UK and USA have no rows or seats numbered 13
• There is no building in Paris that bears the number 13
• Italy omits the number 13 from its national lottery
• And many more other unestablished reasons…

The irony of these findings is that the number 31 or 13 is deemed to be fortunate and auspicious in China. People whose mobile numbers, residential unit numbers and car plate numbers which exhibit these 31 and/ or 13 numbers are deemed to be blessed with good money and relationship luck.

Is there any form of ‘visible’ credentials in China?
• Buddhists pay homages to the 13 Buddhas
• The Potala Palace in Tibet has 13 floors
• The Tianning Temple (天宁寺); located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, is noted for its giant pagoda; the Tianning Pagoda (天宁宝塔) has 13 floors
• There were only 13 Tombs (for 13 emperors) of the Ming Dynasty 明十三陵) even though there were 16 emperors in the Ming Dynasty
• The Thirteen Classics (十三经) is a term for the group of 13 classics of Confucian tradition that became the basis for the Imperial Examinations during the Song dynasty

These are the known facts we can find over the internet in regards to the number 13 in China…

Chinese numerology generally regards the numbers 31 and 13 as a pair of lucky numbers combination as it represents both spiritual and material prosperity.

For ladies especially, these number pairings in a mobile phone are deemed to be able to ‘seek out’ the most ideal romantic partners.

For the guys, it could mean abundance of ‘wealth and riches’ sent from heaven.

For the Chinese Numerology masters, it simply means that the Yin and Yang energies are perfectly balanced and are in excellent tranquillity, based on I Ching; 易学.

Time to upgrade your mobile phone numbers?

Marrco Lee
WinnersResources (Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui)

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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