Friends were enquiring if I could do a short article on the lucky and not so lucky number pairs in a ladies numerology chart. So here it is, I have taken some real life personalities we know of and illustrate how the privilege of having lucky number pairs in a lady’s chart can mean doing well in her career and/ or marrying wealthy husbands; or otherwise.

The source of reference starts with our date of birth as registered in our identity cards, accordingly to the Gregorian calendar format (DDMMYYYY). All of us are born with a certain predetermined life path, endowed with certain strengths and weaknesses. Some are born to well to do families whilst some may have to struggle through life to be successful. Some ladies may have the destiny to marry wealthy spouses whilst some men became more successful when they married very ‘compatible’ (旺夫) spouses.

We can actually leverage on the Science of Numerology to discover what may be in store for us, ahead in our life journey.

Plotting our DOBs into Numerology charts is all about Adding Up our birthdays into single digits. There is no complicated maths involving subtractions, multiplications or divisions.

Based on the Science of Numerology, I have identified pairs of lucky and not so lucky numbers for ladies that would suggest unhappy relationships, marrying wealthy spouses and doing well in their respective careers. I have highlighted these pair of numbers in red for easy readings.
The ‘location’ of these number pairs is also indicative of potential ‘good or bad’ events from their middle ages onwards.

So you would have noticed certain pairings like 87, 96 and 15, amongst others. These are known to be lucky number pairings for ladies. Potentially marrying rich and/ or doing well in their careers.
• Brigitte Lin; Famous Chinese actress and married Hong Kong Billionaire Michael Ying in 1994.

• Michelle Reis; Miss Hong Kong 1988, Chinese actress and married Hong Kong business tycoon Julian Hui in 2008.

• Carina Lau; Reputable Hong Kong actress and married Hong Kong TV Heartthrob Tony Leung in 2008.

• Kimbee Chan Hoi-Wan; ex Apple Daily Entertainment reporter and married Hong Kong Billionaire Joseph Lau in 2016; said to be the richest woman in Hong Kong today.

There are some number pairs which could indicate potential relationship heartbreaks for ladies; these are pairs like 66 and 45, amongst others.

• Jennifer Aniston; Famous American actress; divorced Brad Pitt in 2005.

• Cindy Crawford; Famous American Supermodel; divorced Richard Gere in 1995.

• Madonna; Famous American pop singer; divorced Sean Penn in 1989; Guy Ritchie in 2008.

• Brooke Shields; Famous American actress; divorced Tennis star Andre Agassi in 1999.

There are many other lucky and not so lucky number pairs which I have not elaborated in this article. And certainly there are many more real life personalities we know of, which can be leveraged on to understand how the science of numerology can help us to understand our life challenges and opportunities better.

The examples on the lucky/ not so lucky pairs of numbers are only depicting a certain key area of analysis. We would still need to ‘look’ at the entire chart of 18 numbers and evaluate the many other key aspects of our life like health matters, the methodology to ‘short cut’ your way to success, etc.

The Science of Numerology is more than just knowing what challenges and opportunities we may have in this life. It is really about knowing How to deal with potential grave challenges ahead and When to seize opportunities in life. It is about getting affirmative control over our lives so as to progress and to live happier.

Actually it is quite easy; just count your numbers to success!

Marrco Lee
WinnersResources (Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui)

* All information on the examples mentioned are derived from Wikipedia.org.

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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