Now that you have an idea on what are the lucky and not so lucky number pairs for ladies, this article will concentrate on the auspicious and inauspicious pair of numbers for men.

There is a saying that if a man marry a very ‘compatible’ (旺夫) spouse, he is expected to rise in status and gain much wealth in life. However if a man is endowed with much challenging number pairs in his Numerology chart, he may have to face many challenges of all kinds in his life.

I am sure you would have heard of well-to-do gentlemen who are simply blessed with good spouses and material well-being, almost effortlessly.

The big question would then be – are you blessed with a lucky destiny this life?

For that matter, do you believe in destiny, fate?

Some of us may have already been to some metaphysic professionals and seek out various advices and remedies on managing our personal relationships, wealth and health issues. You may have heard that your colleague has consulted a feng shui master to improve some key aspects of life at home. Have you ever wonder and delve deeper into the scientific studies of Numerology and Chinese metaphysics?

Back to the subject of Numerology. We can actually leverage on the Science of Numerology to discover what may be in store for us, ahead in our life journey.

Plotting our DOBs into Numerology charts is all about Adding Up our birthdays into single digits. There is no complicated maths involving subtractions, multiplications or divisions.

I have identified pairs of lucky and not so lucky numbers for men that would suggest unhappy relationships, marrying very compatible spouses and doing well in their respective careers. I have highlighted these pair of numbers in red for easy readings.

The ‘location’ of these number pairs is also indicative of potential ‘good or bad’ events from their middle ages onwards.

So you would have noticed certain pairings like 96 and 99, amongst others. These are known to be lucky number pairings for men, especially in relation to their respective careers. Having a pair of 96 and/ or 99 in your charts could mean achieving much success in life and attaining great wealth!

• Jackie Chan; Famous Chinese Actor

• Jacky Cheung; Famous Hong Kong singer

• Ekin Cheng; Famous Hong Kong actor and singer

• Andy Lau; Famous Hong Kong actor and singer

Yes, there are some number pairs which could indicate potential relationship breakdowns for men as well; these are pairs like 75 and 81, amongst others.

• Tom Hanks; Famous Hollywood actor; divorced in 1987.

• Mel Gibson; Famous Hollywood actor; divorced in 2011.

• Andre Agassi l; Famous Tennis player; divorced in 1999.

• Elvis Presley; Famous American singer; divorced in 1973.

There are many other lucky and not so lucky number pairs which I have not elaborated in this article. Perhaps in another future posting.

The examples on the lucky/ not so lucky pairs of numbers are only depicting a certain key area of analysis. We would still need to ‘look’ at the entire chart of 18 numbers and evaluate the many other key aspects of our life like health matters, the methodology to ‘short cut’ your way to success, etc.

According to the Collins Dictionary, a person’s destiny is everything that happens to them during their lifetime, including what will happen in the future, especially when it is considered to be controlled by someone or something else.

I have often remarked to students and clients that by following the ‘script’ of our predetermined destiny/ fate, it is almost akin to producing a movie; scripted, unspontaneous and dangerous to some extent. We need to be Masters of Our Own Destiny. Positive Human Actions (人为) can change our destiny/ fate for the better.

The Science of Numbers can help your cause.

Marrco Lee
WinnersResources (Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui)

* All information on the examples mentioned are derived from Wikipedia.org.

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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