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The Year of the Rabbit 2023: Outlooks for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs

Disclaimer: Only the last 4 digits of a valid Singapore Mobile Number set is recommended for Yi Ching analysis. It...
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FengShui – Remedies for ‘Missing Areas’ on your Property’s Floor Plan

Many of my friends have requested that I put up a follow-up article on the potential remedies to address my...
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5 Chinese Numerology Formulas to help your kids/ teens

You may have friends who have trouble dealing with their kids; kids who are doing rather poorly in academics, kids...
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Is your marriage fated to fail? Let’s see Bill & Melinda Gates’ compatibility chart.

By now, you may have already heard the news of Bill and Melinda Gates’ announcement of divorce. 27 years of...
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Please avoid these Sha Qi; 煞气 when purchasing a new home

In this short article, I will be providing a summary on the 6 common 煞气 that afflicts many homes without...
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Using Western Numerology and Chinese 生辰八字 Bazi to understand the Wealth Potential and Romantic Relationships on Elon Reeve Musk’s life

  By now, most of us are familiar with centibillionaire Mr Elon Musk. He is basically the ‘face’ of TESLA...
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Why do Millionaires and Billionaires choose to stay in The Marq on Paterson Hill?

有钱的贵族都住在新加坡高端物业 马克百徳(The Marq on Paterson Hill, Orchard) The Marq on Paterson Hill is an ultra-luxurious freehold condominium within the vicinity...
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How is the Golden Ox Year 辛丑年 going to influence your Personal Luck in 2021?

Last year 庚子年 was a very memorable year for everyone. We have had the Covid-19 pandemic and have seen the...
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Hyll on Holland Good Fengshui Residential Property

                        Condominium (Freehold) If you are currently looking to relocate to district 10, I would suggest that you...
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Van Holland Good Fengshui Residential Property

Condominium (Freehold) It is relatively common nowadays that prospective buyers of new private residential properties would check out the “Auspiciousness”...
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Inauspicious Mobile Number Case Studies II

Inauspicious Mobile Number Case Studies II [Case 4] *From having all and losing all.* One of my friend’s parent has...
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Inauspicious Mobile Number Case Studies I

[Case 1] *Losing money in big investments but gaining some, in less risky activities.* The final few numbers of a...
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