Do you know that our mobile numbers can bring either GOOD or BAD Luck to us? (Part 2)

In the last article, we focused on the last 4 digits of our mobile numbers to decipher potential inauspicious events in our life. I shall identify more of such ‘unlucky’ number pairings so that we can avoid living with one.

Potential relationship failures number pairings:
456, 654, 6554, 4556, 232, 323, 2355, 5322, 759, 957, 9557, 7559

Potential sloppy wealth management number pairings:
969, 696, 9556, 6559, 9696, 6969, 484, 848, 8484, 4848, 4888, 1222

Potential depressive/ unhappy number pairings:
292, 929, 2929, 9292, 383, 838, 3838, 8383, 8553, 3558, 4007, 7004

Potential serious health issues number pairings (especially for older people):
242, 424, 2424, 4242, 363, 636, 3636, 6363, 6553, 3556, 3006, 6003

Do not fret yet if you do have these numbers pairings at the back because the front 4 digits of our mobile numbers likewise have a direct impact on the overall quality of the entire numbers set. Auspicious pairings that represent nobleman assistance, health enhancement, relationship boosters and good wealth luck pairings will mitigate the inauspicious vibes pairings.

So which are the auspicious number pairings we should always embody into our mobile numbers? Which are the nobleman assistance pairings? Wealth and relationship boosters’ pairings, etc?

If you have the following combinations anywhere in the phone numbers for a start, you are unlikely to be plagued with serious life issues, similar to the mentioned inauspicious events.

686, 868, 688, 494, 949, 954, 459, 499, 722, 752, 676, 767, 756, 657, 282, 288, 828, 399, 434, 343, 256, 625, 393, 939, 359, 953, 687, 277 (sharing a portion of the entire auspicious number combinations)

Naturally the positions of these auspicious combinations in your mobile numbers are of primary importance. Different individuals at different life cycles will need different kind of auspicious vibes. Professional advice will be needed to tailor made to the profile’s needs and objectives. Otherwise, to have these auspicious pairings in your numbers is deemed as adequate.

In all my observations, your chosen mobile numbers have a strong possibility of direct correlation to your personal identity card (ID) numbers.

Let’s say you have a 12/21/102/201/152/521 inside your ID. You are likely to have the following pairing combinations: 48/84, 37/73, 12/21, 96/69 in your mobile numbers.

Basically what I mean is that we are attracted to probable inauspicious pairing vibes in our IDs that led some of us to use it via through our mobile phones, car plate numbers and even our residential unit numbers….

The biggest secret in this Numerology knowledge is about leveraging on auspicious mobile numbers to mitigate ‘life issues’ in our IDs, and engineering favourable responses and outcomes for ourselves and our love ones.

So what’s your mobile numbers?

Marrco Lee
WinnersResources (Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui)

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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