I thought this may be a good start to understand our 气色/ aura/ luck by observing our countenance. 面相学 is a solid discipline by itself and is a ‘subject’ in the realm of Chinese metaphysics. This pic will do us a favour by ‘short cutting’ our analysis if we want to know what kind of ‘luck’ we are now in by relating it to your Chinese age. Chinese age means your English calendar age + 1.

If the spot u are looking at has a mole, blemish, scar, sunken, something that is not so appealing, then the spot age is not so ‘smooth’. The Chinese wordings are important terms but we shall not cover here.

Remember the 上?下? 上is the fire element. 中is the metal and earth element and 下is the water element. Any ‘blemishes’ in these areas can correspondingly refer to potential health issues related to that element.

No need to see Date of Birth. 90% of the moles seen on the face is not so ideal. The area between the eyebrows is very important because it is the 印堂. We prefer it to be 2 fingers wide and not disturbed, especially No ‘链镇插印堂’.

Marrco Lee
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