In this short article, I will be providing a summary on the 6 common 煞气 that afflicts many homes without the occupants realizing it.

Sha Qi 煞气 refers to hostile Feng Shui or Inauspicious Qi 气 due to poor landforms or built-up structures. Sha Qi 煞气 can affect your fortunes and that continuous exposure to these Inauspicious Qi 气 may be harmful to ALL its occupants. If you do not wish to suffer from poor career luck, deteriorating health, poor relationships, poor wealth luck and poor self-esteem, staying away from these Sha Qi 煞气 conditions is the first solution to improve your overall good fortune progressively.


Wind Gap Sha Qi –


天斩煞 is often characterised by the column of empty space/ gap between 2 tall buildings very close to each other. The reasoning is that when wind enters this gap, it is ‘transformed’ into Inauspicious Qi due to the ‘sudden compression’ of air particles. Any other nearby apartments (and occupants) that are facing this empty space/ gap are likely to experience poor health issues that would potentially require expensive surgical treatments.


T Junction Sha Qi – 路冲煞


When you think that a road is directly ‘coming inwards’ towards a building/ property/ house, you are likely to be witnessing a typical Inauspicious Sha Qi known as 路冲煞. In the classics, a T Junction Sha Qi may indicates that the elderly is almost non-existent in the building/ property facing the 路冲煞. Moreover, ill health and that children may have poor learning abilities are relatively common among the occupants.


White Tiger Sha Qi – 白虎煞


White Tiger Sha Qi – 白虎煞 is another distinctive Inauspicious Fengshui Qi. It is very common to see such ‘high rise property feature’ in Singapore. It is easily recognized when there is a much taller building located on the right side of a property facing. Men living in such residences are likely to be ‘bullied/ henpecked’ by their spouses or that family unity and harmony is difficult to be achieved.


Sharp Corner of a Building 壁刀煞


 壁刀煞 is visually identified as the sharp corner edges of a building that are pointing towards the main door or the back view of a property.

According to principles of Landform Fengshui, “墙头冲门,常被人论”, this Inauspicious ‘building shaping’ would cause misunderstanding and unkind whispers at home or at work. Family members would be vulnerable to health issues, traffic accidents or financial issues.

If the back view of a property has a 壁刀煞, the residents may experience issues from ‘crooks and villains’, adulterous affairs and even financial issues brought about by their extended family members.


Repressive Sha Qi – 迫煞


 This is characterised by the building in question being adjoined by much taller buildings on its left and right sides.

Many of the residents in the shortest building are likely to encounter petty or overly domineering people at work, withering household prosperities and the distinct lack of enthusiasm to succeed in life.

At the very least, it is ideal to ensure that a property relative to two neighbouring buildings by its sides are of relatively similar heights to avoid this repressive Sha Qi.


5 Ghosts 五鬼 and Misfortune Unit Numbers

And finally, Inauspicious Unit Numbers are a No-No! in the selection of new homes because certain number pairings are synonymous as great misfortunes in relationship, very poor health (especially in relation to cardio issues) or very poor sleeping patterns or simply very long working hours. In my years of experiences in Chinese metaphysics, the above number pairings (as part of a unit numbers) are representations of acute upheavals in life for its occupants. It may even be more troubling if these pairings are ‘multiplied’. For example, 181, 818, 171, 717, 898.

It is rather uncommon to find a ‘perfect’ good fengshui property in today’s market. Even then, fengshui solutions can be implemented to improve and enhance the Auspicious Qi incrementally. But I would surely disregard any property with unit numbers such as 108, 801, 709 and 907 as it carries too much Inauspicious Qi.

April 2021

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