So DIFFICULT to talk to Him & Her. Then How? (for Financial Wealth & Real Estate Advisors)

Many of us would have encountered clients and prospects that are difficult to talk to. Some are downright impolite and some are just plain ridiculous. It would come as no surprise that we would decide to ‘drop’ this account or that one… to save ourselves from potential insanity and bad mannerism.

Some examples like:
· She said “I don’t know what I need to have, but I am very sure I don’t need this one that you are talking about”.

· He said “I already know everything about financial planning. I know it all. Just pass me the life insurance application form to sign will do”.

· Under-insured prospects who have had bad experiences with their previous advisors. So they thought ALL advisors are bad people.

· The quiet prospect who doesn’t share much about his/ her understanding on coverage, doesn’t reveal much about what he/ she already has, and basically replying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your fact finding endeavour.

· And many more others.

What if this particular difficult prospect can offer potentially good financial returns after you have provided some competent planning and solutions? Are there ways to bridge meaningfully with this prospect?

Let’s face it. Not all prospects would eventually become our clients. It is not that we cannot communicate well.

We would just have to accept this as a fact of nature.

Difficult prospects take efforts in being difficult for a host of reasons/ excuses that may be beyond our control.

In my view, it could be unwise and counterproductive to try to ‘educate’ the prospects/ clients according to your own thoughts and opinions.

Instead, it would be more productive to first acknowledge and recognize prospects’ frustrations and, be patient thereafter. This is important to know because it is not possible to communicate effectively with your prospects when he/ she is at odds with your expectations.

Consider these suggestions:
· Show them you know what you are doing and how you have been doing it over time with other accounts. Block out clients’ details on relevant documentation in order to credentialize yourself professionally.

· Never take any criticism personally. By choosing to stay patient and calm, that positivity will impress upon your prospects and he or she would probably leave with a good impression of you.

· Using the ‘non-sale’ tactic. Sometimes, giving too much advice and solutions too soon can frighten a prospect into feeling pressured and rushed into making any buying decision. Take the opportunity to conduct subtle fact finding exercises and building rapport with them instead.

· Just listen. Listening to your prospects instead of talking through. Listening is a key part of communicating effectively with your prospects/ clients and will help you to deal with their difficulties. Attempt to adapt your communication style to theirs.

My preferred technique: Act EARLIER by first knowing their PRIMARY BEHAVIOURS, CHARACTERISTICS AND OPERATING SYSTEMS, with Effective Numerology analysis.

With this knowledge, speak to them according to their ‘frequency’ and preferences so that you can potentially engineer a positive outcome in your favour. And this Numerology Methodology (of Pythagoras origins) has always been accurate and consistent for myself and my peers.

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Chinese Metaphysics Trainer
Real Estate Advisor. CEA Reg. Number R011446H

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