The Power of FengShui 风水 and Numerology 数字学 Combined.

Well, we all know how any Fengshui audit that is correctly done in our residences could enhance our luck and relationships. The right placement of water features would enhance our wealth luck and the right placement of metal features would enhance our health and relationships with the people that matters to us. The question is how do we know what to place and not to place in the first place?

For a start, I would like to share some information on how combining the Power of Numbers (Western Science) and Fengshui (Oriental Science) can help us to manage and improve some key aspects of our lives; wealth and good health & relationships improvements.

There is a system of Fengshui that is based on the concept of time. This system is known as Xuan Kong Flying Stars Fengshui, which also leverages on the numbers 1 to 9. Each of these numbers in Xuan Kong represents a certain positive and negative characteristics that would have favourable or adverse impacts to all the occupants staying in the same property.

The below picture is how a 2018 Xuan Kong Flying Stars Fengshui chart looks like. ‘Chinese Solar Calendar Year 2018 (Zodiac Dog Year 戊戌年)’

All Xuan Kong fengshui practitioners would ‘super-impose’ the above 2018 Flying star chart onto the floorplan of your property, followed by identifying where is the location of your main door.

Let say your main door is located at the South East area of your property, there is a high possibility that much wealth (direct or indirect) can be attained this year because the number 8 in Xuan Kong Flying Stars fengshui is known to be a prosperity and wealth generating ‘star’. Water placement/feature inside or outside of this property would greatly enhance the flow of ‘wealth opportunities’ this year.

Having said so, we would still need to acknowledge that this is a calendar year general outlook; the fact is that NOT all months will reflect the same positive wealth aura and we would need to further deduce in particular which months you are likely to ‘experience’ this phenomenon. Notice that I have used the Main Door as a reference point because this is where the Main ‘source’ of different energies entering the same property every year.

This is the interesting aspect of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Fengshui. However, this same number 8 can also be an issue for any occupants in the property whose birthday(s) numbers contain much influence of the number 8; for example a birthday dated 8 August 1981 (8+8+1+9+8+1 = 35 = 3 +5 = Primary Identity Number 8. The effect of negative 8 intonations is greater if this profile is staying in a number 8 house (for example unit number #07-10). This profile may experience much ‘upheavals’ in his life in 2018 as far as financial issues are concerned or simply a stressful year for him. In the field of Western Numerology, the number 8 is known as a stressful number and too much number 8 ‘vibrations’ may detrimentally affect his ‘luck’ in 2018, only.

• Xuan Kong Flying Stars Fengshui is a Chinese system based on the principles of Yin and Yang energies. So is the Science of Western Numbers.

• Both Xuan Kong Flying Stars Fengshui and Western Numerology are based on the same inputs; numbers 1 to 9 only.

• And both utilise the concept of time to derive benefits and avoiding pitfalls in life.

Experienced fengshui practitioners would need to factor in the Date of Births of each occupants in order to facilitate relevant fengshui benefits for all in the property. Fengshui auditing is never a “one size fit all” solution-based technique for wealth and luck enhancement. The Science of Numbers which is also based on numbers 1 to 9 works in tandem with our external environment and it is at its most potent (solutions) when complementing with the Science of Fengshui auditing.

The challenge in this example is how to assist this profile (Primary Identity Number<PIN> 8 to benefit like the rest of the occupants who are not a PIN 8 profile.

Solution: Work on the fengshui bearings in the room where this profile PIN 8 is residing in. The ‘intensity’ of the number 8 vibrations may be too overwhelming inside the property due to the entrance of the number 8 and the profile’s personal PIN 8 identity. We always prefer the Yin and the Yang energies to be on balanced state so as to harness harmony and prosperity. Most fengshui practitioners would opt to ‘weaken’ the number 8 vibrations within the vicinity where the PIN 8 profile is residing in. The placement of relevant metal features like trophies and medals, or even a metal flame bed would compromise and mitigate the overly strong presence of the number 8 vibrations. Outcome: This profile PIN 8 is likely to benefit in terms of wealth luck just like the other occupants.

Note: Kindly seek out experienced professional practitioners before you DIY on water and metal features placement.

This is how a typical combination of Xuan Kong Flying Star Fengshui and Western Numerology are complementing each other to offer the best available solutions for all occupants to enjoy prosperity and progress in their lives every year….(it is always a different number(ruler) at the main door every year, hence may have different implications and events for every occupants in the property)

Supposing your main door is currently located in the North area of your property. The number 5 is the ‘ruler’ of the North area for all properties in 2018. And the number 5 is also known as the ‘calamity’ star in Xuan Kong Flying Stars studies. Problems, sickness, misfortunes, etc are likely to be witnessed if your property’s main door is located at the North area of the floor plan. Incidentally, the number 5 is also known to represent ‘obstructions’ in Western Numerology.

We are just mid-way through 2018. Are there any remedies to manage this ‘unwelcomed’ number 5 star at your main door?

I will share more in my next posting.

Marrco Lee
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