Using Western Numerology and Chinese 生辰八字 Bazi to understand the Wealth Potential and Romantic Relationships on Elon Reeve Musk’s life



By now, most of us are familiar with centibillionaire Mr Elon Musk. He is basically the ‘face’ of TESLA and the chief designer of SpaceX. At the time of writing this article, he is worth at least USD 194B, which is slightly more than the Qatar’s GDP of USD 183B produced in 2020 or half of Singapore’s GDP of USD 372B in 2020.

For the purpose of this article, I will focus on the basic metaphysics explanations on his amazing wealth, the potential pitfalls ahead and as well as his documented divorced relationships. I will also be sharing some basic tips on how you could decode your own wealth potentials by leveraging on the Chinese Metaphysics known as your personal 生辰八字 Bazi.

First, you will need your Gregorian birthday and timing. Google for a free 生辰八字 Bazi calculator and then input your date of birth accordingly. You will be represented by the element based on the Day of birth or 日元 in mandarin.

The central concept in 生辰八字 Bazi readings is about understanding the interactions between the 5 elements known as 五行相生相克论.

These 5 elements are metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

In Chinese, their interactions are described as follows:

金生水, 水生木, 木生火, 火生土,土生金;

Metal produce water, water produce wood, wood produce fire, fire produce earth and earth produce metal; it is known as a production cycle.

金克木, 木克土, 土克水, 水克火, 火克金;

Metal counter wood, wood counter earth, earth counter water, water counter fire and fire counter metal; it is known as a countering/ clashing relationship.

What an element counters, as in wood countering earth, earth will be known as the wealth and the romantic partner of a gentleman.

So, if your 日元 is metal element, your wealth and lady partner will be represented by wood element. If your 日元 is fire element, your wealth and lady partner will be represented by metal element. If your 日元 is water element, your wealth and lady partner will be represented by fire element. If your 日元 is earth element, your wealth and lady partner will be represented by water element.

A typical 生辰八字 Bazi chart will display literally 8 main Chinese characters/ boxes, which comprises the 5 different elements in one single chart. Sometimes, a chart may shows only 2 or 3 or 4 different types of element instead of 5. Don’t worry when you see one because it can be of certain auspiciousness, which I would not cover in this article.

In Elon’s case, his 日元 is represented by the 甲 wood element. Hence his wealth and his romantic partner is represented by the earth element as 木克土; wood countering earth.

Let’s take a look at some of the major events (wealth related) in his life in a summarized manner.

  • Zip2 start-up was acquired by Compaq in Feb 1999 己卯年 for USD 307M
  • PayPal was acquired by eBay in Oct 2002 壬午年 for USD 1.5B, of which Elon earned USD 165M
  • Elon’s net worth increased about USD 150B in the year 2020 庚子年
  • Elon was divorced in 2008 戊子年; 2012 壬辰年 and 2016 丙申年

(The above events were indicated on Wikipedia)

The above first 3 events are the events that made Elon a very rich man.  Especially last year 2020. If you recall that based on his 生辰八字 Bazi, his 日元 is represented by the 甲 wood element and he is currently inside the 10-year Bazi luck of FULL EARTH PILLAR 己丑 earth 大运 which will last till the year 2029. All of us will have 10 years block of 大运 and in his case, his amazing wealth basically “bull ran” away commencing from the year 2019 and is expected to last until 2029! At this juncture, I would like to add on a disclaimer (these are just my views and is not designed to encourage or educate anyone to follow Elon Musk’s personal investment strategies) because I would expect him to be worth more than USD 200B very soon because of certain “investments” he had made and mentioned in the news.

TIPS: If your wealth element is represented by the earth element, there is a strong chance of attaining wealth especially if the earth element is represented as a 10-year Luck Cycle 大运 in your Bazi chart. If it is only a year of reckoning like this year 2021 辛丑年, you are expected to create and ‘receive’ much wealth this year.

Having analysed his Bazi chart, I am of the view that he would have to be extra defensive financially when 2022 壬寅年 comes because there is a potential sign of “money losses” due to romantic relationship issues or untrustworthy acquaintances. The timing of this can be as soon as Feb 2022.

SOLUTION: By using Fengshui to fix a certain location in his home’s floor plan in order to reduce the risk of severe money losses” by September 2021.

In Chinese Metaphysics, wealth is synonymous with romantic partner(s) of the gentleman. How come he is such a wealthy individual yet have undergone through 3 divorces?

The explanation can be found in his Western Numerology chart where there is a visual ‘cluster’ of three 7s’. In the Science of Numerology, a visual pattern of a ‘cluster’ of 7s is synonymous with unhappy or “failed romantic relationships” in this lifetime – with a probability of 9 out of 10 cases.

SOLUTION: Wherever your residence is, if the north west and the south west sectors of a residential home is missing or compromised or is located near a washroom, this residence is basically a strong catalyst to trigger potential relationship breakdowns. Never choose to stay in any odd shape houses.

Chinese Metaphysics and Western Numerology are both perfect complementing skillsets to help us to address our life challenges and opportunities. And both are actually based on astronomy science practiced for thousands of years. Many emperors, kings and billionaires used it to prolong their lucky cycles and made tons of money.

Why not you too?

March 2021

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