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It is relatively common nowadays that prospective buyers of new private residential properties would check out the “Auspiciousness” of their potential new homes before committing a sizable investment amount. Many who are familiar with Authentic Feng Shui principles would seek out “Above Average” external environment as well as “Quality” internal layouts of the units. In addition, they would also pay particular attention to the “Auspicious Energies Vibrations” of the available unit numbers for prosperity, good health and good relationships. And then, the property investment must make financial sense.

For friends who are new to Authentic Feng Shui principles, let me explain.

Authentic Feng Shui principles on all properties refer to the established and valid knowledge and applications of Yin and Yang Energies in our living environments that would either create favorable or unfavorable situations in our lives. Feng Shui 風水, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a proven traditional practice originating from Ancient China which leverage on external energy forces to harmonize individuals with their immediate surrounding environment.

If you have a friend who is living next to a mini power station, exposed cable structures, cross or T junctions, the external environment is deemed unfavorable as the property is exposed to negative energies, also known as Sha Qi 煞气.

Similarly, if you happen to be staying at The Sail @ Marina Bay, you would already be enjoying the above average Feng Shui energies largely derived from the Marina Bay waterfront areas. This is because the “mountains” (large and tall buildings) are in excellent shape and the water is clean and serene; 山管人丁,水管财.

In short, favorable external environment Feng Shui/ landforms plays an essential role in helping to bring about benefactor support , manifesting wealth opportunities 财富, great career prospects 事业发展, family harmony 家庭和谐 and good health 健康.

Naturally, the internal Feng Shui of the home unit is important as well. Odd shape floor plans are highly discouraged in any circumstances, even if the external environment is favourable. A home floor area with “missing area(s)” is unfavourable because a missing area (for example the south west sector of a home unit) could mean that a certain member of the household would have adverse issues like poor health or poor wealth luck, etc.

In essence, both the external and internal Feng Shui attributes of the house HAVE TO  BE in harmony with its immediate environment in order to justify the tag of an “Above Average Feng Shui quality” residential dwelling.

For the purpose of this and subsequent articles, I shall touch on the new private residential properties that are blessed with “Above Average” external environment Feng Shui/ landforms.


Van Holland Condominium @ 186,188 & 190 Holland Road Singapore 278584

Van Holland is the site where local developer Koh Brothers has won the en bloc tender for Toho Mansion at Holland Road in the year 2018, after it offered $120.4 million for the site. Imagine the windfall for all the previous 32 home owners!

From Toho Mansions 32 apartments to Van Holland 69 residential units by Dec 2023


Van Holland is located just opposite to Holland Village and is directly connected by sheltered linkway to Holland Village MRT station about 240 meters away or just 4 minutes walk. This new freehold development is within 5 to 10 minutes from major locations such as the main Orchard Road shopping belt, Dempsey Hill and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

So what are the favorable external environment Feng Shui reasons to consider Van Holland on your shopping list?

First reason: Van Holland is surrounded with GCBs as its immediate neighbors.


The quality of the location as measured in terms of monetary values is a clear indication on the “prosperity gauge” of a neighborhood. GCBs are mostly homes to tycoons, entrepreneurs, well to do business people and the millionaires.

Second reason: Incoming water flow 逆水朝堂 embracing Van Holland condominium.

Water is known as wealth 财富 in Feng Shui lingo. The quality and direction of the water flow will determine the grade of material wealth to be gain or lost. Ideally, water should be seen flowing towards 逆水朝堂 the entrance of the house or residential project, best if the direction of the flow is seen “embracing” the building compound which is commonly known as Embracing Water/ Jade Belt or 玉带环腰.

In the absence of actual water flowing, the flow of automobiles (virtual water) can be used to replace real water. In the above 2 pictures, virtual water is seen as flowing from left to right of Van Holland, and “embracing” it as a result.

Back in ancient China, high-ranking government officials are required to attire the jade belt. The term “Jade Belt 玉带环腰” refers to a feature where the road surrounds the building, much like how the jade belt wraps the waist of the powerful and wealthy people.

Third reason:  Incoming water flow 逆水朝堂 towards/ inwards the “bright hall – 明堂”of Van Holland. In addition, the bridge on the left of the entrance is impeding or slowing down the Qi flow (automobiles virtual water flow), enabling it to be “filtered” more substantially into Van Holland 明堂. Slower water flow is also known as more “sentimental; 有情” in nature, as in the source of wealth is likely to be less volatile or complicated.

The size of this 明堂 is about the size of a huge HDB 5 bedder unit


The bright hall 明堂 is an open space when the life energy or Qi can gather so that the residents can benefit from it and enable them to “feel and capitalize” on more opportunities, and foster to steer towards their many endeavours in life. There is a Chinese saying: 明堂容万马,富贵传天下. The translation means if a vast open space (in this case we call it the bright hall 明堂) is able to gather ten of thousands of horses, prosperity and wealth will be made known to the world.

It is not difficult to recommend Van Holland Condominium to well-to-do prospective buyers based on its above average external environment fengshui attributes. If anyone wishes to enhance their prosperity level to higher plains, they should seriously look at Van Holland as the element of auspicious and sentimental water 财富 flow and a large 明堂 are deemed promising and bullish in nature for greater wealth creation and preservation.

The prospective buyer may also ask if this is an astute private residential property investment choice? Would Van Holland property prices appreciate in the future? Does it make good financial sense?

Considering the average price/ sqft currently transacted near Holland Village, Van Holland seems to be having a competitive advantage due to its proximity to the upcoming Holland Village Integrated Hub.

While Holland Village seems to be an area that has it all, offering a wide variety of dining and lifestyle options, it is set for even more buzz and activities. The Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) draft Master Plan 2014 revealed that Holland Village will be further developed as an “identity node”, which means it will not lose the charisma and ambience that once captivated so many visitors and residents.

A new extension adjacent to Holland Village, right behind Lorong Mambong, has been earmarked for a new mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development that will add to the vibrancy of Holland Village as a great place to live, work and play. A new street, Holland Way, will also be created.

By expanding the area with more mixed-use developments, fine-grained intimate streets, public spaces, diverse retail and F&B offerings, local residents and visitors alike can enjoy and better appreciate the unique charm of Holland Village.

The location of Van Holland is simply good, isn’t it?

Oh yes, the notable amenities around Van Holland are as follows:

  • Nanyang Primary School is about 5 mins drive away (1.7km)
  • ACS International is about 575 metres away (8 mins walk)
  • St Margaret’s Secondary School is about 6 mins drive away (1.8km)
  • Hwa Chong Institution and International School is about 6 mins drive away (1.78km)
  • National Junior College is about 8 mins drive away (2.28km)
  • Nanyang Girl’s High School is about 8 mins drive away (2.15km)
  • Dempsey Hill is about 6mins drive away (1.9km)
  • Holland Village MRT is only 240 metres away
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens is about 8 mins drive away (2.2km)


Van Holland available unit prices

As of the time of writing this article, 18 of the 69 available units are already sold.

If you happen to be an interested buyer/ investor, how would you select the most auspicious available unit in Van Holland for yourself?

The internal Feng Shui of the unit would matter greatly as much as the external environment. The floor plan must be of optimal benefit to the main investor/ breadwinner and occupants. So are the relevant door unit numbers. If one selects a unit which has Poor Internal Feng Shui and Inauspicious Door Unit Numbers, they are unlikely to benefit from the largely auspicious external environment Feng Shui. In fact, many actual case studies have shown that inferior units have caused much anguish, relationship and financial issues to its occupants.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to seek out specifically available Auspicious Residential Unit(s) in Van Holland. I will be able to advice with all the available floor plans and door unit numbers, specifically custom made for yourself and your loved ones.

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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