What kind of Mobile Numbers are bad for Ladies?

I would like to share specifically on the Inauspicious Mobile Numbers that would affect the lady’s marriage coupled with some explanations.

Naturally, it will also be useful for some single ladies who are looking for their compatible partners now.

(We will concentrate on the final half of the mobile numbers for analysis)

First, watch out on these combinations:

901, 109, 807 and 708

These combinations are extremely unfortunate for ladies because it carries the negative vibes of unhappy marriages and relationships. Although most are expected to be successful in their respective careers, they are also likely to be domineering in nature, yet lonesome in love affairs. In some cases, some ladies could experience some form of hair loss when they are in their mid-forties. These set of combinations are also unsuitable for men as it can mean lack of recognition on their capabilities.

Second, the following set of combinations potentially can denote emotional insecurity or disharmony in a relationship:

106, 308, 601, 803, 1506, 3508, 6501 and 8503

A female profile holding these combinations is expected to be charismatic in nature. Sociable and knows how to relate well with people in general. Many are in the service industry and many are expected to be presentable and well mannered. Unfortunately, the same vibes are also renowned for emotional insecurity. Some are afraid of committing into a relationship with the opposite gender for fear of disappointments and failures. Many may have depressive syndromes in their mid-forties. Men with these combinations are expected to be suave and good looking.

Third, ladies with these combinations are likely to experience relationship turmoil with their partners:

108, 801, 907, 709, 188, 811, 977 and 799

This kind of combinations is a direct representation of changes. Depending on the combination make up, changes often can be sudden and upheaving. Changes can happen in their relationships, their jobs and even their own health. Because of these unwelcome changes, the lady’s temperament is often impacted negatively. Hence she is often at loggerheads with her male companion. In addition, these combinations are adverse to both the lady and the gentleman; it is also a direct representation of ill health, especially if the holder’s identity card numbers have the same kind of combinations.

Fourth, ladies with these combinations are likely to argue often with their partners:

107, 701, 908, 809, 177, 711, 988 and 899

The ladies are likely to have frequent verbal disagreements with their partners. These combinations are known for the ability to speak well, yet it is also capable of much exaggeration during the discourse. Even though these numbers are suitable for salespeople as they could be more conversant and eloquent, it is also known to be associated with poor health. Not suitable for people who are in their senior years. Regardless of genders, this kind of numbers is known to represent petty people in life. The ‘size’ of these petty people will depend on the combination make up.

Fifth, ladies with these combinations are likely to have poor affinity with their partners:

102, 201, 906, 609, 122, 211, 966 and 699

This kind of combinations is possibly a self-righteous and confident personality. The ladies are likely to be focused people with strong individualism and are not afraid to accept challenges. The problem is that they can be overly confident and that is when the trouble starts. Try not to pick a quarrel with these ladies as they are unlikely to yield. They are also likely to prefer exciting relationships. Routine and boring men are just not their cup of tea. Regardless of gender, when these combinations appear behind the mobile numbers and depending on the numbers make up, many are likely to be high risk takers and are poor in financial management.

Marrco Lee
WinnersResources (Numerology, Bazi, Fengshui)

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

Marrco Lee 李佳麒

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