Why do Millionaires and Billionaires choose to stay in The Marq on Paterson Hill?


钱的贵族都住在新加坡高端物业 马克百徳(The Marq on Paterson Hill, Orchard)

The Marq on Paterson Hill is an ultra-luxurious freehold condominium within the vicinity of Orchard Road and it has been inhibited with many local and foreign “High Net Worth – HNW” individuals since the year 2011. Ultra-luxurious in the sense that a price of S$4,677 psf was last transacted in October 2019.

Why would anyone invest between S$10Millions to S$29Millions for a “Good Class Bungalow” type of luxurious freehold condominium?

And why would the fortunate few HNW individuals choose to live in The Marq on Paterson Hill?

Can we explain this extraordinary piece of exquisite property with Landform Feng Shui?

All Landform Feng Shui follows the principle of 山管人丁, 水管财.

If this principle is favourably supported by an immediate environment, occupants in the area are expected to reap the benefits of abundance and auspiciousness.

The location of The Marq is actually sitting on top of a hill (named as Paterson Hill) and that the “availability of water flows” is indicated by the 3 red arrows as well as the nearby Paterson Road. You would have observed that the length between the MRT track (as indicated in black dots) and The Marq is almost similar in distance (only 650m); which is suggesting “balanced and harmonized” wealth luck for the residents in this luxurious property.

In essence, favourable external environment landforms will play an important role in helping to bring about benefactors support 贵人, manifesting wealth opportunities 财富, great career prospects 事业发展, family harmony 家庭和谐 and good health 健康. Water is known as wealth 财富 in Feng Shui lingo.

In the absence of actual water flowing, the flow of automobiles (virtual water) can be used to replace real water. In the above picture, virtual water is seen as flowing from left to right (and vice versa) of The Marq externally, and “embracing” it as a result.

Real water “flows” is also of great importance within the internal premises of a property. This is where great wealth is possible, if the location of the “real water” is favourable to the owner’s Chinese birthday (八字). Incidentally, The Marq is the first condominium in the world with cantilevered private pools outside every unit in the Signature Tower.

Important tip: Great wealth creation opportunities are feasible when the owner’s bed is well aligned in terms of Feng Shui meridian points in the direction of this private pool within the unit’s immediate parameters.

More on this extremely Auspicious Property:
The Marq on Paterson Hill is specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of grandiose living spaces within the metropolitan city of Singapore. It also offers the design features of a good class bungalow within a lavish apartment setting. Moreover, it is the only property which can boast of having a prestigious address with unrestricted 180 degrees full views across the Orchard Road skyline.

  • 66 exclusive units boasting world-renowned neighbours, top-notch facilities and uninterrupted views from every room
  • Six-star resort-like landscape and facilities including clubhouse, gym, BBQ terrace, private dining room, fireplace lounge, yoga garden, 24hr security, concierge and private basement carpark
  • Educational organizations ie ISS Elementary and Middle School, Chatsworth International School (Orchard), Avondale Grammar School, River Valley Primary School, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and Zhangde Primary School are all within 1km

To sum up the scale of luxury on this magnificent freehold residential property, it is the first residential apartment in the world to be fully decorated by the brand Hermes.

I happen to know of One unit that is currently for sale and is likely to prosper the next new owner.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to seek out this most auspicious unit. I will also be able to advice with all the available floor plans and door unit numbers, specifically custom made for yourself and your loved ones.

February 2021

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